How to order? And what do you get?

Update us at least a week in advance so that we can prepare everything for you
How many guests are coming? We will call a day before to make sure to prepare the freshest food
Do not pay in advance! We’ll make do with a down payment…

*No decorations or confetti are allowed without prior agreement, the period of the event is limited to 3 hours and can be extended by prior notice, advance payment is 20% of the total order quote. In case of cancellation the advance payment is valid for 12-month as credit from the day of cancellation.

Starters family style – unlimited refill
Soft drinks family style from the beginning of the event
Mains are served personally to each guest (American Service) or family style as per your choice
Alcohol on a separate station or family style
You can order a special decoration / cake / video screen / live music (band or DJ) / Logistics / Fireworks outside, etc.

We provide a number of customized menus with alternating dishes at equal prices. Choose from platinum, gold, silver and bronze packages.