Villa MARE

Tayelet Bat Yam

Villa Mare is a beach restaurant with an atmosphere of freedom, space and lots of sea. We invite you to enjoy the sun sunbathing with a glass of cold beer and snacks, served in abundance. The experience continues even on cold winter days, with the blazing fireplace and a special winter menu that warms the heart.

Villa Mare is also the best place to enjoy an abundance of cocktails, served in real coconuts and special glasses. The cocktails reflect all those sensations of the exotic islands, where the water is clear, the aromas strong and the flavors highlighted.

The restaurant opens its doors from 9:00 AM and invites you to start the morning with special breakfasts, including fried eggs, to the background sound of the waves, the smell of the sea and lots of relaxation. The day is heating up, and so is the menu, which is rich, especially with lots of seafood. We put the seafood on the forefront of our culinary stage, preparing wonderful dishes with it. But our menu does not end there, and goes on to a long and glorious list of meats and fish dishes.

Villa MARE Events

Weekend at Villa Mare is one big party, starting from late Friday night, with a professional DJ who plays good house music, warning you to move your body. On Saturday the DJ arrives at lunchtime playing Latin music for a fun party. Come to Villa Mare for special occasions, just because you love to enjoy life!

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Steakhouse, Grill, Fish, Sea food

Ben Gurion road 69, Tayelet Bat Yam
Hours of operation:
sun-thu 09:00-02:00
fri-sat 09:00-04:00